The next time someone says "there aren't any themes for StepMania 5", you should probably point them here.

Welcome to StepMania 5 Theme Update, a site that catalogues both released and in development themes for StepMania 5. This site was started due to various comments about how StepMania 5 doesn't have many themes. It also serves as a handy guide to themes that are known to be in development, but may not be on your radar.

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Last Update: 2014/08/11

New Themes

Theme Updates

Previous news updates are available on the old news page.


Released Themes

These themes have a downloadable release available. For a more detailed look at released themes, please see the theme list.

Theme Author Latest Version Status
moonlight freem/SSC v1.0/final (2012/07/11) Final version of the theme.
optical shakesoda/SSC 2014/05/12 Currently in rolling release; it may be more up to date than what I know!
Zenith Midiman/SSC v1.00 (2010/04/10) Final (no updates?)
ultralight freem/SSC r12/v0.84 (2013/06/03) Still in progress; switched to rolling release in June 2014.
Delta luizsan/SSC v3.00 "v3 will be the last version unless something breaks up really hard on next Stepmania 5 versions."
Cyberia Style 8 -solid- CyberiaStyle PROJECT 8.3 Rev06 (2014/06/22)  
PROJEKTXV k//eternal (port by freem) r6 (2014/07/23) Updated for StepMania 5 beta 3.
Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix freem/original theme by PatrickDDRX r7 (2014/07/23) Still active.
beatmania IIDX 15: DJ TROOPERS tony toonami 2011/10/02 Supports multiple game modes.
TrotMania Lirodon Beta 1 (2012/06/16) My Little Pony-styled theme.
StepMania Supernova 3 Missingno (2011/12/22)  
Default More CL v1.415 (2012/10/02?) Highly modified default theme. [Nico Community]
O2Mania EX arvinkent098 v0.69 (2012/06/07) [2012/04/02 preview][2012/03/23 Preview]
Pump it Up Fiesta EX Alisson 2012/??/??  
waiei A.C/waiei v1.30 Final (v1.300) (2013/03/11)  
DDR X2 AC KENP/exworld073(?) preview4 (2012/06/14) [Thread @ Z-I-V password is "GOLD RUSH" (no quotes)][Development Blog][2012/02/07 Preview]
"Verticalized" default theme Germanium/phurrcon preview4 (2012/06/14) Single-player theme
Kuro Project 흑몽 (Saisyou) (2012/10/10) Touhou-themed default hack.
SIMPLY ARROW Ov3rHell_3XoduZ (original theme by hurtpiggypig and Mad Matt) Update 3 (2013/08/17?) Port of "SIMPLY LOVE" theme from 3.95/ITG2.
Delta NEX Schranz Conflict (frandos) 2013/10/19 Hack of luizsan's Delta.
PIU Fiesta EX xMAx v1.2 (2013/07/??)  
foonmix foonmix team (port by freem) Prototype (2013/12/31) Prototype release; doesn't fully work with Event Mode off.
Consensual Kyzentun (rolling release) [StepMania forums][ZIV thread]
Dragon Nest GHR Version 1.2 (2014/07/27) [StepMania forums]
DDR 2013 afdjacp Beta 1 (2014/03/06) [Preview Video]; Author does not want theme posted on ZIV, so please don't, or I will take this link down.
Sigma1 -The Blue Dasher- [DL] Carluz v1.0 (2014/07/07) "Although it still has a lot of bugs. Cannot edit steps or play course at present." [StepMania forums]
Dance Dance Revolution 7th Mix -DDR MAX2- Reiaya Rev 1.0 beta (2014/07/08) [Beta 1 download]
DanceDanceRevolution Next Generation riskofsoundingnerdy Release 2 (2014/07/26) [Preview video]
In The Groove 2 Ov3rHell_3XoduZ Revision 2 (2014/08/06) [ZIV thread]
TrotMania III: Aeternum Obscurum Lirodon Beta (2014/07/31) Currently being worked on. [ZIV thread]
Untitled Theme spookymagician WIP V5 (2014/??/??) [Github repo][Z-I-V thread]
Simply Love dbk2 (original theme by hurtpiggypig and Mad Matt) Release (2014/08/11) Port of "SIMPLY LOVE" theme from 3.95/ITG2. ONLY WORKS WITH NIGHTLY BUILDS! [Github repo][StepMania forums thread][ZIV thread]

Unreleased Themes

These themes are typically works in progress, though some themes may have stalled development.

Theme Author Latest Version Status
DDRMAX2 and Friends freem/SSC (in development as of October 2013) Currently being worked on. "and friends" includes Dancing Stage EuroMIX 2 and various home versions.
DanceDanceRevolution STARLIGHT silverdragon754/djpohly (in development) [Preview Video] Currently being worked on.
Pump it Up Fiesta 2 Alisson (artifically stalled release) "The public release of this theme will be at the official arcade 2014 version"
StepMania Mini BX Plus! Navi X (no release) [Preview Video]
Selling Out Made Simple 3 freem (in development but low priority) "hey look guys, I can do it too!!!" -freem
PIU Max ? (no release) [As seen on Youtube]
Dance Dance Revolution (1st ReMIX) holidia (in development) [2012/03/23 Preview][2012/01/06 Preview][2011/07/09 Preview][2011/09/17 Preview]
Pump Max Cross Alisson (no release) [As seen on Youtube]
Pump it Up Infinity Hexes (no release) Some bootleg. [As seen on Youtube]
Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA2 KENP (no release) A bit of a mix between SuperNOVA2 and DDR X2... [Preview video]
Simplycraft Ov3rHell_3XoduZ (no release) Currently being worked on. [ZIV thread]
Dance Dance Revolution (PS3) Reiaya2DX (no release) Currently being worked on. [StepmaniaFactory thread]
CyberiaStyle9 -Last Approach- CyberiaStyle PROJECT (no release) Currently being worked on.
SIGMA -LiGHT of Core- Carluz/CrzP (no release) Currently being worked on. [ZIV thread] [SM forums thread]

Abandoned Themes

These themes are no longer supported by their creators, and in some instances, are not officially available for download anymore.

Theme Author Last Known Version
Cyberia Style 7 -metal system- CyberiaStyle PROJECT Revision 04 (2012/07/22)
Default Extended A.C/waiei final v1.12 (2012/07/16)
Default+Jacket A.C/waiei 2012/07/16
in the groove 3 Lightning (port by freem) Pre-release 1a (2011/11/12)
StepMania 5 (Flames) spookymagician v0.2.1 Beta (2012/05/19)

Unknown Status

I'm not sure of the status of these themes.

Theme Author Latest Version Notes and Status
DDR X3 Lirodon (no release)  
DDR SuperNOVA2 jindev/sillybear (no release) [2011/08/07 Preview]
STEPMAN ADVENTURE 2: BATTLE Koizumi (no release)  
DDR X2 CS jindev/sillybear (no release) [2011/09/24 Preview]
Pump it Up Fiesta Base Theme ? (no release) [2011/12/17 Preview]
PIU Fiesta EX cerbo Beta 1 (no release) [2011/12/26 Preview]
DDR X3 AC jindev/sillybear (no release) [2012/02/03 Preview] [2014/06/12 Preview]
Extreme 8-Bit Dr. Gaming (no release) [2012/02/27 Preview]
DDR X3 AC KENP/exworld073(?) (no release) [Screenshots in gallery]
NEX2 k//eternal and the SSC (in development)  
DDR X3 afdjacp (no release?) [Update 1]
djpiu? arkadt (no release) [Preview video]
DDR 2013 Henny Henri? (wouldn't be surprised if multiple people are attempting it) (no release) [as seen on YouTube]

Themes I shouldn't be telling you about

Theme Author Latest Version Notes and Status
StepMania Ultimate luizsan (no release) What freem is to SOMS2, luizsan is to StepMania Ultimate. Except he didn't quit, and he's getting shit done.
Selling Out Made Simple 2 freem (no release) We await your return... warrior.