StepMania 5 Theme Update

Last Updated: 2014/01/07

Site Notes

  • All dates on this site are in Year/Month/Day format.
  • All themes on this site are meant to run on StepMania 5. Whether or not that means the current version of StepMania 5 is dependent on how much has changed. Hopefully not much.
  • I typically know more information about themes I'm working on, compared to themes I'm not. This mainly manifests itself in the development sections.
    • Extended point: I created SOMS2, but am unsure if it will ever see a public release, for various reasons I won't bore you with here.
  • I try to be everywhere and see everything, but for some reason or another, I am unable to know about every possible theme in development for StepMania.


2014/01/07 - 2014 get.

2014 is here, and with it, some stuff.

New Previews/Upcoming Themes

  • I ended up releasing an early version of foonmix before January 1st after all, despite the fact that my computer decided it was a great time to shit the bed.
  • There's going to be a third Trotmania for whatever reason.

I haven't been fully keeping up with things, so it's likely I'm missing something. Shoot me a message on twitter @ssc_kki if you have info on themes I don't know about.

2013/10/22 - Finally, an update.

After more than a year of not updating this site (or being involved with StepMania), I decided to update this site once again.


The primary change is that themes are separated into strict sections, compared to the previous site's background color change. The unreleased themes have been split up into ones where I know work is still being done and ones where I have no idea if development is active. If you know a theme is still being worked on, please contact me on twitter (@ssc_kki).

At some point, I plan on going a little more in-depth with the themes, giving each one a proper description and pictures. It all depends on if I find a way to make a system that's easily updated.

Theme Updates

  • Added Cyberia Style 8 -solid-.
  • Added Kuro Project, a Touhou-themed default hack released a year ago.
  • Added Delta NEX, a hack of luizsan's Delta.
  • Default More updated to v1.415, but sadly, CL's site no longer works.
  • O2Mania EX updated to v0.69, same Facebook link as before.
  • DDR 5th Mix updated to r6 a few months ago.
  • PROJEKTXV was updated to r5 around the same time as DDR 5th.
  • ultralight was updated to r12.
  • Added xMAx's Pump it Up Fiesta EX theme, but couldn't find credit.
  • Added Alisson's Pump it Up Fiesta EX theme, but couldn't find a release date.

New Previews

  • holidia released another video of DanceDanceRevolution (1st ReMIX) on 2013/09/14, but I didn't add it to the entry because it's getting long as it is.
  • Added some DDR 2013 theme I saw on YouTube.
  • Added Alisson's Pump it Up Fiesta 2 theme, which will be released at some point in the future, assuming Andamiro releases a new Pump it Up game for 2014.
  • Trolled YouTube for various themes and stuff. Too many to bother listing here.

End of Life

  • Default Extended reached v1.12 and is no longer maintained.
  • Default+Jacket was last updated on 2012/07/16 and is no longer maintained.
  • Cyberia Style 7 -metal system- is no longer maintained or available for download.

Previous news updates are available on the old news page.

Released Themes

These themes have a release available.

Theme Author Latest Version Status
moonlight freem/SSC v1.0/final (2012/07/11) Final version of the theme.
optical shakesoda/SSC 2011/06/14 ??
Zenith Midiman/SSC v1.00 (2010/04/10) Final (no updates?)
ultralight freem/SSC r12/v0.84 (2013/06/03) Still in progress
Delta luizsan v3.00 "v3 will be the last version unless something breaks up really hard on next Stepmania 5 versions."
Cyberia Style 8 -solid- CyberiaStyle PROJECT Revision 12 (2013/09/27)  
PROJEKTXV k//eternal (port by freem) r5 (2013/08/08) Updated for StepMania 5 beta 2.
Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix freem/original theme by PatrickDDRX r6 (2013/08/08) Still active; waiting on a new public StepMania release before considering an update.
beatmania IIDX 15: DJ TROOPERS tony toonami 2011/10/02 Supports multiple game modes.
TrotMania Lirodon Beta 1 (2012/06/16) My Little Pony-styled theme.
StepMania Supernova 3 Missingno (2011/12/22)  
Default More CL v1.415 (2012/10/02?) Highly modified default theme. [Nico Community]
O2Mania EX arvinkent098 v0.69 (2012/06/07) [2012/04/02 preview][2012/03/23 Preview]
Pump it Up Fiesta EX Alisson 2012/??/??  
waiei A.C/waiei v1.30 Final (v1.300) (2013/03/11)  
StepMania 5 (Flames) spookymagician v0.2.1 Beta (2012/05/19) Still a WIP.
DDR X2 AC KENP/exworld073(?) preview4 (2012/06/14) [Thread @ Z-I-V password is "GOLD RUSH" (no quotes)][Development Blog][2012/02/07 Preview]
"Verticalized" default theme Germanium/phurrcon preview4 (2012/06/14) Single-player theme
Kuro Project 흑몽 (Saisyou) (2012/10/10) Touhou-themed default hack.
SIMPLY ARROW Ov3rHell_3XoduZ (original theme by hurtpiggypig and Mad Matt) Update 3 (2013/08/17?) Port of "SIMPLY LOVE" theme from 3.95/ITG2.
Delta NEX Schranz Conflict (frandos) 2013/10/19 Hack of luizsan's Delta.
PIU Fiesta EX xMAx v1.2 (2013/07/??)  
foonmix foonmix team (port by freem) Prototype (2013/12/31) Prototype release; doesn't fully work with Event Mode off.

Unreleased Themes

These themes are typically works in progress, though some themes may have stalled development.

Theme Author Latest Version Status
DDRMAX2 and Friends freem/SSC (in development as of October 2013) Currently being worked on. "and friends" includes Dancing Stage EuroMIX 2 and various home versions.
DanceDanceRevolution STARLIGHT silverdragon754/djpohly (in development) [Preview Video] Currently being worked on.
Pump it Up Fiesta 2 Alisson (artifically stalled release) "The public release of this theme will be at the official arcade 2014 version"
StepMania Mini BX Plus! Navi X (no release) [Preview Video]
Selling Out Made Simple 3 freem (in development but low priority) "hey look guys, I can do it too!!!" -freem
PIU Max ? (no release) [As seen on Youtube]
Dance Dance Revolution (1st ReMIX) holidia (in development) [2012/03/23 Preview][2012/01/06 Preview][2011/07/09 Preview][2011/09/17 Preview]
foonmix foonmix team/ported by freem (in development as of October 2013) A decent amount of work done so far. Release planned before the end of 2013.
Pump Max Cross Alisson (no release) [As seen on Youtube]
Pump it Up Infinity Hexes (no release) Some bootleg. [As seen on Youtube]
Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA2 KENP (no release) A bit of a mix between SuperNOVA2 and DDR X2... [Preview video]
TrotMania III: Aeternum Obscurum Lirodon (no release) Currently being worked on. [ZIV thread]

Abandoned Themes

These themes are no longer supported by their creators, and in some instances, are not officially available for download anymore.

Theme Author Last Known Version
Cyberia Style 7 -metal system- CyberiaStyle PROJECT Revision 04 (2012/07/22)
Default Extended A.C/waiei final v1.12 (2012/07/16)
Default+Jacket A.C/waiei 2012/07/16
in the groove 3 Lightning (port by freem) Pre-release 1a (2011/11/12)

Unknown Status

I'm not sure of the status of these themes.

Theme Author Latest Version Notes and Status
DDR X3 Lirodon (no release)  
DDR SuperNOVA2 jindev/sillybear (no release) [2011/08/07 Preview]
STEPMAN ADVENTURE 2: BATTLE Koizumi (no release)  
DDR X2 CS jindev/sillybear (no release) [2011/09/24 Preview]
Pump it Up Fiesta Base Theme ? (no release) [2011/12/17 Preview]
PIU Fiesta EX cerbo Beta 1 (no release) [2011/12/26 Preview]
DDR X3 AC jindev/sillybear (no release) [2012/02/03 Preview]
Selling Out Made Simple 2 freem (no release) There's not much chance of a public release... development has stalled for now.
Extreme 8-Bit Dr. Gaming (no release) [2012/02/27 Preview]
DDR X3 AC KENP/exworld073(?) (no release) [Screenshots in gallery]
NEX2 k//eternal and the SSC (in development)  
DDR X3 afdjacp (no release) [Update 1]
djpiu? arkadt (no release) [Preview video]
DDR 2013 Henny Henri? (wouldn't be surprised if multiple people are attempting it) (no release) [as seen on YouTube]

Send any updates to @ssc_kki on Twitter.

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